curated poems

Details of places my poems have been published/curated, in print and online.

Disability Arts Online (DAO)

– an intro and poems from my forthcoming book A Staff of Asklepios on Disability Arts Online (poems – ‘Oracular Confusion’, ‘Floating’, ‘Reduction’, ‘Lilly 4112’, ‘Meditation Course’, two haiku, ‘The Word Spider’ and ‘Mozart Giggle’). Many thanks to Colin Hambrook and DAO for their support.

– later I wrote a haibun style essay (with poems) about what attracts me to poetry was also published by DAO (a major revision of that essay was published by Lapidus Magazine in 2022)

DAO have also published some individual poems with introductions –
 Incarnation (at their old website)
DAO Blog, observations i & ii
DAO blog – grace

As those last links suggest I am also blogging at DAO and will include links as they occur. You can keep track of my publications there at – Disability Arts Online.

Survivors’ Poetry

Survivors’ mentorship with Simon Jenner in 2011 led to my thoughts of publication, Sadly they cannot publish pamphlets or books at present and my projected collection A Staff of Asklepios will have to find another home .

Their newsletter Poetry Express (since #45) has featured a number of my poems. You can get copies (free) by contacting Dave with the email address –  bricolage92 at hotmail dot com . Poems published:

#45 – ‘A Sonnet’, ‘The Natural Word’ , ‘Lilly 4112’, ‘Incarnation’, ‘Mozart Giggle’ and ‘Oracular Confusion’
#54 – ‘Transreality’, ‘Paper’, ‘Supernova’, ‘Of Course’, ‘Tynemouth, Any Mouth‘  and Ozu
#57 –  ‘tell me when’,’ saturation’, ‘being ill ‘,  ‘broken‘, ‘words don’t mean a thing‘, ‘make of yourself a light prayer and ‘ in process
#60 – ‘lightning strike sanities from the stratosphere’ and ‘Medicine’s Mask’
#61 – Grace, untitled iv ’19 and untitled xii ’19 (now called ‘summer time’)
#66 – Fire, dream, Grace, Clearing, the ruins, how the wind may seem to bend a flower to the lake
#67 – Neuroleptic, i 2022, ii 2022
#71 – Voyager I, maid, binaries, V (2022) untitled new poem,

I’m very grateful to Simon and SP (Dave Russell at Poetry Express), perhaps as my first recognisers to see the potential of my poems. SP is an important face of how poetry may be healing.

Unstapled Press

featured my poems, ‘A Sonnet’ and ‘Transreality’ in their anthology on sexuality and gender, Venn, in 2016.

The Beaumont Magazine

The Beaumont magazine have been very supportive, it has been a great way to get trans poems out to trans people as well as poems on other subjects. They’ve published:

The Natural Word, ‘Transreality’, ‘ A Sonnet’,
in process, true understanding, Summer’s Damp Height,
saturation, Trans, girlhood xxiv,
girlhood i,
girlhood, closet, Untitled xii (’19) (now ‘summer time’),
Plight, stream song v.ii,
grace, is modern life just
glamoured, girlhood, coming out
damsel, little man (new poem)
A Change of Life, 3 untitled poems that ran on from the last, how the wind may seem to bend a flower to the lake, burnt alaska
Fire, reprieve
binaries, maid

I’m grateful to them and their editor Eleanor Roberts. Beyond poetry too, for showing ways with gender and helping them.

Lapidus International

My sonnet ‘Plight’ was published in the Lapidus’s Spring 2019 Journal.

A substantial rewrite of my DAO haibun essay ‘What Attracts Me To Poetry’ was published in the Lapidus Magazine in 2022. My thanks to Francesca Baker and her word limit idea. And to Lapidus (do check them out, a very positive writing organisation for wellbeing – )

The Writers’ Cafe magazine

Another sonnet,  ‘A Reunion‘ has been published In The Writers’ Cafe Magazine, Masks – Issue 17 The Writers’ Cafe Magazine — FREE!  (it’s the final poem in the post). These sonnets together with ‘A Sonnet’ and ‘Transreality’ and a few others and some in other forms have become something of a sequence on gender.

Places of Poetry

I submitted two poems which are placed on the lovely Places of Poetry website – Tynemouth, Any Mouth and   Early February, Town Moor , with thanks to them.

Caduceus magazine

My prose poem Clearing has been published in Issue 103 of Caduceus. My thanks to Poetry editor Kevin Manwaring and magazine editor Simon Best for selecting my poem as part of a theme on beginning again. Caduceus’ web pages are here –

We are the Change-Makers anthology

I’m delighted my poem ‘They Think’ was included in this anthology from Drop the Disorder/A Disorder for Everyone who campaign and educate for revision to psychiatry’s use of labels and misuse of categorisation of mental distress as disease/disorder. It is important to say immediately that that is not meant to deny such distress but instead to seek more helpful ways forward in its treatment than these labels that in themselves often cause so much distress.

My thanks to its editor Jo Watson who campaigns for this cause so tirelessly. The book is available (in the UK anyway) on Amazon and can also be seen and bought from PCCS books here – My original post about this poem and publication in here –

Olney Magazine

Olney Magazine featured me as a poet of the week, along with my poem ‘A Sea’. My thanks to Olney for their support and to their poetry editor, Moira Walsh.

photo by A. Hurford (2016)


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