i’m a poet and writer interested in words that reach out honestly for core conditions that help all humans, that offer such conditions, to help us find, make, a benign environment for growth for all, serious and fun

i’m especially interested in poetry, literature, film, theatre, music, art, wisdom, counselling (and many aspects of these, including gender)

. . .

V (2022) untitled new poem

how well the martialled world submits
curtseys to its lord and mistress
on the back of power limitless
desire fulfilled feels the infinite
sets out to keep its pleasures
so cower in your place, a cage, a rabbit hutch

Voyager I

i wrote a poem
the world doesn’t care


i can’t not have been there
a frothing skirt

i can’t not have been there
putting sweat through hurt

. . .

iii (2022)

the exam measures you
is it true

A. H (15th April 2022)

I thought of calling this ‘Read the Question’ and setting it like an exam question, but that might be naff, and also maybe there are other exams to think of too.

ii 2022 (new haiku)

Copperfield’s sun shines
giving all he needs and’s not got
an adult tongue’s ear

A.H (7th February 2022)

i 2022 (new poem)

what do we do with the post’s whisper
volumized in the echo chamber
the living utterance of ghost mouthers
a binary ear that dreams fears
and deliverance

what can we do
but hear without fear

A. H (7th & 11th February 2022)

amazed – new poem

having difficulty following the lines
of the false narrative I’ve been placed in
the fake path of psychiatrists and social State police
they’ll enjoy having me seem more hapless
lost — hiding how it’s they that close my paths
funnel me into the dungeons of misunderstanding

A.H (18th December 2021)

Leftover (new poem)

Used, used badly they fall into disrepair
people, not exactly gadgets, tools
not exactly not
machines played for winnings
spinning tops over which the overgrown gurn

blind perhaps to their status given
something hard they learn
overwound, scraped and scratched
hidden, better unattainable,
the back of the drawer their place
to dream of healing, growth’s freedom

touched by an odd moment of sun
the rest swim in treacle
doing their best

True Words – prose

an experience judged as abnormal when as a poet friend reflected to me it may not be so unusual at all . . .

the ruins

it is no Supernova
the fission of a soul
Ground Zero’s ruin
mourning over all

dreaming of a fusion
to re-pack this fall
not so self deceiving
as to believe it will

just a hope that humans
may learn better how to build

A. H 18th October 2021

how the wind may seem to bend a flower to the lake

twin vectors of self
diverge yet peep inside
to track each other’s paths
almost like lovers’ glances
unable to depart
sparks arise
trajectories collapse
they reunite
escape prevented
tied in a knot
of binary velocity

A.H (ironically just one set of initials, 18th October 2021)

poem for National Poetry Day UK 7/10/21

as time slips i sip the hours
suntime nonsense flower
dreamer amidst woody bowers
weekend woman springing out
feeling her breathy path by breeze
toward sun stance
hip swung nonchalance
among happiness in bluebells


i, not quite, of the bluebells
increasingly away with the flowers
giddy, sing-song, gone wrong
gossamer rhyme blossom
coming alive

not so much singer as song
not so much goer as gone

waiter upon bees
turning to be

cowslip, daff
meadow sweet

flowering at last
a rose
as if

(A. H / K. H-H, 1st April 2019)

Laniakea (poem)

a poem thinking on the discovery that we are (our galaxy is) a very small part of a larger structure of the universe that has been called Laniakea (‘immeasurable heaven’)