i’m a poet and writer interested in words that reach out honestly for core conditions that help all humans, that offer such conditions, to help us find, make, a benign environment for growth for all, serious and fun

i’m especially interested in poetry, literature, film, theatre, music, art, wisdom, counselling (and many aspects of these, including gender)

. . .

True Words – prose

an experience judged as abnormal when as a poet friend reflected to me it may not be so unusual at all . . .

the ruins

it is no Supernova
the fission of a soul
Ground Zero’s ruin
mourning over all

dreaming of a fusion
to re-pack this fall
not so self deceiving
as to believe it will

just a hope that humans
may learn better how to build

A. H 18th October 2021

how the wind may seem to bend a flower to the lake

twin vectors of self
diverge yet peep inside
to track each other’s paths
almost like lovers’ glances
unable to depart
sparks arise
trajectories collapse
they reunite
escape prevented
tied in a knot
of binary velocity

A.H (ironically just one set of initials, 18th October 2021)

poem for National Poetry Day UK 7/10/21

as time slips i sip the hours
suntime nonsense flower
dreamer amidst woody bowers
weekend woman springing out
feeling her breathy path by breeze
toward sun stance
hip swung nonchalance
among happiness in bluebells


i, not quite, of the bluebells
increasingly away with the flowers
giddy, sing-song, gone wrong
gossamer rhyme blossom
coming alive

not so much singer as song
not so much goer as gone

waiter upon bees
turning to be

cowslip, daff
meadow sweet

flowering at last
a rose
as if

(A. H / K. H-H, 1st April 2019)

Laniakea (poem)

a poem thinking on the discovery that we are (our galaxy is) a very small part of a larger structure of the universe that has been called Laniakea (‘immeasurable heaven’)


— the narratives of life
with which the dead can’t live

A. H (10th July 2021)

a change of life – poem

a change of life changing life
step into the blue
the range of life opens closed
little would-be woman

Lil Eyes – tanka

Lil Eyes lies lilied
low lied bloom of a li-lo
Lil Eyes lies closed eyed
not in denial of light
somehow photosynthesised

A.H (29th May 2021)

epistemology reigns

a shower of polluted rationalities
become a steady rain
then flood
washing away those not upon high ground
the honoured heights
from which they call it down

A. H (10th May 2021)

another tack

Last month started as an experiment in reposting some of my poems daily, not just one a week spotlighted. I enjoyed it, great fun. There are plenty more. I have made a few private but still about 280 originals back through the blog. But I’ve tired of it a bit. I may post them occasionally…

televisioned (poem – v2)

sometimes i feel i’ve the depth of a screen
and the best it gets is a script with depth
or an actor who’s learnt what background means
something i wonder if i’ve done myself

. . .

kindling (v2) – haiku

is all reading love
all writing too – search for it –
now my heart’s alight

A. H (7th May 2020 & 29th April 2021)


Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
all the magpies were in pairsnestled together in the coldbut when i looked i feltnothing could be done for sorrowand besides, looking back,they weren’t magpies but puffinsA. H / K. H-H (15th June 2020) Photo by Till Rottmann on Pexels.com

wind carried words

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
I was thinking about old poems that I never felt got to where they could, or never satisfied me somehow, and how it is wrong to assume they never will or will never have bits used elsewhere – and that reminded me how it is also…

is modern life just (haiku)

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on Pexels.com is modern life justthe entrapment of innocencestill winds blow, clouds dressA. H / K. H-H (17th November 2018 and 28th June 2019)a revision

After Reading The Song of Songs

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
for my real imagined otherTheir’s the earth, the world, mountain, moon. Their’s not this earth, married in the sun. They are whole, whole, holy. Let us dream their path, poetry. Where now is she, where he. Where are we. What do we have. Squabbling city guards…

my poetry

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
my poetry’s self-consciousit’s leaping off the pageto hold me in the kitchenand enact it’s rage my poetry’s self-consciousmy lines are in the binit’s lectured me on metreand the nature of sin my poetry’s self-consciousit says it would be betterif I lived a bit insteadof being vegetable…

spotlight on . . . Homozoic

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
Oil and gasrule the worlda bloodline whisper bleeds,ancient conspiracy of trees,our carbon must be freed. Reptile blood interestwakes with warmth,watches, working usthey, silent, see:stared toward their dream,immensity. K. H-H / A. H (2016/2017?) An eco poem as we emerge from the Great Pause (probably part 1)…

Untitled XIV (’19)

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
i spoke of love my friend asked me what it was its taken me a lifetime to find my replyor have the wit to say it to say no answer could ever be enoughto say no words could catch it to say my answer must be…

poetry (v2) – a haiku

my honeybee path
this hive entranced waggle-dance
bee friends may follow

A. H (27th April 2020 & v2 18th April 2021)

Prayer, 19 December 2018

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
grant me or may i grant myselfrespite in a momentand in that moment’s playcome toward knowingsome in allenough so that i may give it freelya special sort of keythat doesn’t have to openany claim at all a smile without a reasonscent of roses in the streetshine…


Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
Make of yourself a light                                                          – Buddha i’ve always loved to watch the light although darkness claims my…

Prayer ii

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
sometimes it’s like the light is speaking though let’s be cautious of that not words, nor even suggestions playing in the water shower’s head something confirming not of words or thoughts, no but of being loving me I love it back, needing, dancing in our mutual…

prayer iii

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
i don’t wish to trump your love of anything with mineto give a false security, pseudo-ownership i only wish to celebrate my own divineand open heart spaces in which we all may shine AKH (7th April 2020) i’ve not been writing as much, which may go…


Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
all this time stealing poetry from myselfbecause because debt’s interest makes senseall those fields’ haydreams ever unrolledbutterfly butterfly meadowsweet blownall those souls loved-so love could not bewallflower wallflower now you may breathe A. H / K. H-H (17th November 2019)

spotlit poem . . . bearings

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
bearings after Litany by Billy Collins You bore yourself in us and we, we quite forget ourselves we claim to see just where You are not you wait always to be found You have been in so many places dawns, dew, bread, wine, even pine-scented air…


Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
a figure awaiting her own sculptressto deliver her from stone retreatknows a dream – sun marbled skin uncoveredease of limbs free to be observedsimply present, still, in every momenttruth ringing through her pose A. H / K.H-H (7th November 2019) Instead of just gushing, as sometimes…