The 2022 version.

I like things not to be too professional – I like Wabi-sabi thinking and being.

In blogging very fresh poems I was interested in sharing process, and working transparently. At the moment I’m reassessing that. If I am going to get my work out there it needs to give the best account of me in the sea of words.

I began to write poetry during my postgraduate research as a counsellor. Since then its become a mainstay for me (both reading, making up for lost time, and writing). It connects me to my roots and tends to growth and wellness. In that time I also began a more open dialogue about gender. Both may have prevented earlier drift  and mistake in life but couldn’t really be approached, spoken, then, as they needed, sadly – yet both, as for all of us, part of the ground within, there. I’m interested in how we may offer conditions that allow all to thrive in mutual respect, it’s all I can do.

This site’s title a blind catch in the sun is taken from an as yet unpublished poem in my collection and a happy synchronicity in what feels like another lifetime.

You can read about a forthcoming pamphlet of mine and full debut collection here. I was mentored about ten years ago by Survivors’ Poetry. My work is nurtured now by writing for wellbeing principles that allow process so well.

Occasionally individual posts are relevant, such as this – thinking about being an emerging poet in middle age

i assert my copyright as the author of the poems, writing and taker of the photos and all the content i post here  (except where content is otherwise attributed)

You can email me at  tonipoet at ablindcatchinthesun dot com


to some of the sites mentioned here

Disability Arts Online

Lapidus International – the words for wellbeing association

Beaumont Society, trans support


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