xviii (2020)

a foot tap paralysis
inner ringer singing
ring a ring a rosies
driven like children
action begins
began, begun, stung
impossible, frozen
a demon theme builds
unknown not quite
tardive dyskinetic
unsung bottled up
by wizard listeners
who shake
sparkling drinkers
to build pressure
the foot tap increases
until, until you just listen
to tickling breezes
paralysis released
you hiss to a whistle
aswim in the wind
unspilling physics
into songs like this

A.H / K.H-H (25&26th May 2020)

xvii (2020)

driven foot tap in paralysis
you burst to talk yet can’t
all the helpers come in
on the wrong page
some determined
to shut you up

A. H / K. H-H (26th May 2020)

xvi (2020)

i heard my name
uttered on the light
heart sure
my letter arrived

A. H / K. H-H (25th May 2020)

xv (2020)

never to walk in apple orchards
as May blossoms bless the wedded year
is not now unusual for humans
separated from earth’s delight

A. H / K. H-H (18th May 2020)

xiv (2020)

prose may tie you down
build a labyrinth of sense –
sit still silently

A. H / K. H-H (18th May 2020)

xiii (2020)

full moon, tide tired, turns dark
its Sisyphean thirst dry in night
tongue black hidden sky haunt
your jealous seas will wake again
pull ocean roar to slake tranquility

A. H/ K. H-H (18th May 2020)

xii (2020)

xii (2020)

caught on your key of being

door open beauty beckons

snagged by cardi, some strap

or a leash, tethering

behind you twisted never free

frantic focus for your tone

tea spilt, tables out of reach

until you stop to breathe

step back a pace, this room

just like the others, when

you forget to need solutions

when like Hannay in his traps
you’re flexible, gracious, playful

adapt to distil heaven in this moment

then step free with it forwards

where everything is going on

A. H/ K. H-H (18th May 2020)

a green thought

seething in foliage
half visible underneath
leaf broken branches breaking leaf
cage support for swaying dances
sheaf of skirts all a’twirl
shivering in air’s heaving
rare the truly broken limb
so pass seasonal advances
the dispensation of the sun

A. H / K. H-H (15th May 2020)

xi (2020)

some tide has moved the season of a heart
grafted growth saps rose to roots
cut back unseasoned years all winter harsh
dead wood now sparks green
but must proceed with caution
to bud the rose anew again
suddenly all of a floribunda
pink and white, both
dreamtide high in blossom fullness

A. H/ K.H-H (12th, 15th & 16th May 2020)

girlhood, coming out

it is not easy

to contain yourself

as you begin to lift

your own lockdown

A. H/ K. H-H (11th May 2020)

x (2020)

on one unsayable subject

he didn’t know his poison

cess sump pool pit

a dump for all frustration

quite safe he thought

as it can never be neared

until he met a shadow queen

and his unspeakable was spoken

A. H / K. H-H (11th May 2020)

ix (2020)

it is possible to fall

in confusion and attack

from kindness’ happy heights

to a world then granite faced
to rediscover why you are

kind and so to start to build

upon your hill again

A. H/ K. H-H (11th May 2020)

viii 2020

if the moon were blue

what shade would it be

and were the sky pink

what would we think

but if each moment’s riches

made up our knee deep bog

somewhere deep inside

we must know who we’d be

A. H / K. H-H (11th May 2020)

vii (2020)

there is a quality of kindness
that sometimes i detect
it’s knowingness of unkindness
locked away and chained

there is a quality of unkindness
that it has never known
the possibility that kindness
may melt a brittle smile

A. H / K. H-H (11th May 2020)


we take our readings of the world
to navigate
but the sea-lanes are defined
the oceans known

we take our readings of the world
to know what we’re allowed
the fields, the lakes, the countryside
are largely enclosed

A.H / K. H-H (11th May 2020)

recommitment to the heavens

dosed afternoon snooze
can’t rise to close the window
a chill on my back –
sky revealed friend-new again
blue on blue deep companion

A. H / K. H-H (5th May 2020)

lockdown i

recently the sky seems bluer
have we been stretching it too far
when its like this I look at it
and it seems more present to me
looking back with more depth
I recognise a friend I’d lost, or is it
only that the seasons are changing
or is the silence with birds
only more redolent for gazing

A. H / K. H-H (4th May 2020)


is all reading love
all writing too – search for it
– my heart catches fire

A. H / K. H-H (7th May 2020)

make up – poem

for several weeks I’ve worn no make up
yet I know, however I feel, that when I do
I’ll slip softly into feeling nicer

K. H-H / A.H (4th May 2020)

Peace Lily – haiku

Peace Lily’s flowers
outreach leaves to radiate —
atmosphere of joy

A. H / K. H-H (4th May 2020)

spotlit poems . . . daymare / daydream


world is ever as it was will be
world was ever as it will be is
world will be ever as it was is

world will be ever as it is was
world was ever as it is will be
world is ever as it will be was


yet still we hope . . . dream

as it ever was . . . ages countless kisses deep
as it ever is . . . new peak of three year olds’ dreams
at it ever will be . . . drinking tears

one day we will be free
free to let ourselves to be
understand wrong is close
still free dream
whoever you may be


K. H-H / A. H (27th September & 19th October 2019)

blog schedule experiment . . .

This goes on developing . . . maybe more traffic at 4.20pm BST at the weekend, but no difference in the week I think, so after today I’ll try a week at 10.20am BST . . . I think I like earlier as I get to come and go and it feels like more time…

Poetry – a haiku

your honey bee path
hive entranced waggle-dance
bee friends may follow

A. H / K. H-H (27th April 2020)

v (2020)

why speak of emptiness
be it, let it sweep me clean
so that I flood with it
out into being real

A. H / K. H-H (27th April 2020)

Acer – a haiku

the red emperor’s time
came and went – he mourned himself
a blood red carpet

A. H/ K. H-H (30th April 2020)

iv (2020)

this, prayer iv and the next two or three poems were all written together in an online workshop at a time I felt flat, especially for writing, and so, of course, wrote about that . . .