spotlit poem . . . bearings

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bearings after Litany by Billy Collins You bore yourself in us and we, we quite forget ourselves we claim to see just where You are not you wait always to be found You have been in so many places dawns, dew, bread, wine, even pine-scented air…


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a figure awaiting her own sculptressto deliver her from stone retreatknows a dream – sun marbled skin uncoveredease of limbs free to be observedsimply present, still, in every momenttruth ringing through her pose A. H / K.H-H (7th November 2019) Instead of just gushing, as sometimes…

Girlhood XXV

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now she understandsthose women alonewho crossed the road and why silence is so often the better part of cautionA. H / K. H-H (1st April 2019)

reader response (v2)

readers read and their eyes write
write writers back
tributaries to the rivers
of their own dreams

AKH (31st March 2020 & 1st April 2021

Cairn, 2019: girlhood xxiv

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second bloom in a mirror she steps forward in pigtails embraces temporal dissonances this previously quite taboo life bound?in a double plait A. H / K. H-H (24th May 2018) Cairn 2019 – republished as part of my marker of a year’s blogging, one of my…

Author Credit

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thisjustcracked stick figuressummoned henceto danceto singon lipsyour ownlife’s breath A. H / K. H-H (18 Jan – 23 July 2017) an older poem

xi (2020) (reblogged poem)

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some tide has moved the season of a heartgrafted growth saps rose to rootscut back unseasoned years all winter harshdead wood now sparks greenbut must proceed with cautionto bud the rose anew againsuddenly all of a floribundapink and white, bothdreamtide high in blossom fullness A. H/…

lost love song

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i hadn’t really reached you yeti wasn’t up to youeven though i’d passed myselfto burn a summit sundistant from myself you seedistant from the worldi didn’t have the faith you knowto share with you my poemto say the gentle words of loveto still the thunder of…


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Is it vulgar, to gambol, on both sidesof a sacred marriage? Not one thing or the other.There is a smell of spring and a smell of winter,the sound of a party and a wedding altercation. I’m unsure I’m invited to either. Small inside my puff pastry…

little man (new poem)

asked to forgive what you didn’t understand
no one does no one gets it
the black land of grief . . .

dream healing

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Photo by hiwa talaei on is there no escapesucked into reason’s vortexwhirled by a prose worldi spit shadow stone tabletsuntil sense breathes tear-gasped formlessgrace-fallen processword-ditch ignorant gone walking cloud moulded rain dried peasantramble-wide parishboundleaflit gold as klimtrich as a breeze on the meaning of seasonspass…

VII (’19)

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it’s obvious that i must turn to love which brings a question — where to go which brings a question in itself solution sighted – on we go! ——— there must be an angel sitting nearunseen holding dear all that we are letting go careless carriers…

false (haiku)

it all seems so false
as if to insist it’s real
narrative refreshed

A. H (20th March 2021)


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sodden on word-seas leaf storm tossed in forest deep dream diluted dream rest here breathe beneath one tree drown leaf-maiden in your deeps (c) A. H / K. H-H (28 May 2018) (edited line 3 and title (from dissolve to saturation).

damsel (new poem)

a double tap triple tragedy on repeat
dance peasant dance to the bullets at your feet
el diablo plays the world of men
laughing from the clouds the day you face him
dreams ridden true for your contempt
he’s mixed-up sex, power, gender, sin
now fetch his feast, my pleasant wench

A. H (1st February 2021)

fragile (haiku)

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Photo by Alexander Kim on today’s clarity that life raft swum for, clung to, barely seaworthy (c) A. H / K. H-H (22 May 2018)

Ozu (Haiku)

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Mainly I avoid ekphrastic poetry (poetry in response to art) and here both my first two poems posted after my revamp are, but simply to follow that film theme (I think these my only two film influenced poems so far, though I’ve been tempted several other…

unavailable (poem)

the book of me is found
inside a bookless room
within a bookless house
reading breath by breath
what can and can’t be said
pupil to the iris silence
enscribing every moment
recorder of presence
that special collection
hardly ever read
upon which all rests
but never can be leant

A. H (late August 2020 & 25th February 2021)

a deep warm burnt orange (poem)

the smell of baking bread in a loved one’s farmhouse kitchen
welcome – rich – holding promise
perhaps a rusk as when we’re small
it sounds a silent gong like the sun at dawn
watches patient – speaks in light
it will always be
waiting to be found

A. H (20th February 2021)

another plant (poem) in the herbaceous border – Ostraka

condemned as joyless ignorant of love
knife twisted in a false heart of matters
a civil execution deletes wisdom’s hope
— heaven — when just as you depart
their hellish ends start to be uncovered

A. Hurford (12th July 2018)

a lockdown brexit yule

book read and exercised
all the means at my disposal
cannot out-turn the turning year
the coming to a close
in darkness

A. H (14th December 2020)

still, life

leaden december leaf loss lit
a heavy sunday afternoon
stuck in a hope of it

dawn risen to a coloured week
truth unwanted
but for the smile of it

A.H (14th December 2020)

Lost Highway

still don’t know the depth of it
their narrative shift
identity switch
all’s buttoned down
who knows the half of it
would have to be their half-wit

A.H (14th December 2020)