V (2022) untitled new poem

how well the martialled world submits
curtseys to its lord and mistress
on the back of power limitless
desire fulfilled feels the infinite
sets out to keep its pleasures
so cower in your place, a cage, a rabbit hutch
certainties a pleasure camp
fractal in its mantra
all and all this all there is
freedom-phobic-life virulent contagious
insecure, alien to stand alone
and face the owners of the world
if you learn to sense escape
high on parentage or land
or just a mad untouched idealist
the world has ways to reel you in
centuries of practice
will roll you in the muck
no need to burn its heretics
pointing out from gilded heights
we’re all tied in this knot the same
no Alexander shall cut it
rebel if you must, rebellion of one
all that’s left in the age of competition
your broken mirrors reveal your cage
now curtsey to your lord and mistress
to a martialled world submit
wear your gown of personal troubles
more than ever we’ve accepted, this

A.H (11th August 2022)

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