Lucidities Pamphlet

My debut poetry pamphlet, Lucidities, is now available in paperback and as a Kindle ebook from all Amazon stores.

This is a powerful debut pamphlet of poems informed by journeys in gender, mental health, medication and much more. Taken from a project in development for more than ten years. Enlightening moments caught in the context of the everyday and sometimes the surreal.

Thirty-two poems that explore identity in the modern world and our relationship to the labels we give ourselves and are given. They include a sequence exploring transgender identity. All approached lightly, wittily, yet with depth as understandings dawn both in free verse and in the freedom of form.

Poems of illness, sorrow, joy, questioning, exploration, lucidity and healing. Gathered together here for the first time.

They were recently reviewed at Disability Arts Online where you can learn more –

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Kindle ebook from – Lucidities

Paperback from – Lucidities