burnt alaska

for all those targets of small minds

not quite white satin marshmallow
french fancy joke to the folks
the make jokes of folk

bent beggar over your own crystal anvil
to a person that has played at safe
safe over months to be with this way

traitor groom to your bride love denied
finessing a sour tongue forked
from sugar blessings that always withheld

bliss, to spit sick sissy lispings
truths blurred from their certain
miss marshmallow knows none would have her

now no one will, their sureties sure
shown shattering unspeakable,
prepared, so perfect, why even bother

to ask what went wrong
why would they when costume’s so clear
and you even you in your sober school suit

cannot approach how this could be
frozen, sugarplum fairy cake
you might as well dress that way, daily

and no one can wonder or even guess
how decades of therapy’s abuse denied
honed and prepared you to be served just like this

A. H / K. H-H (19th June 2020)

Photo by Julias Torten und Törtchen on Pexels.com

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