technological life and a need for forgiveness

world of products
full of the eyes of lies
we all recognise
in our retreat to a basic
right and wrong

pray you never realise
a shadow in your eyes
when your soul seems compromised
by difference
in the branches of your life

that you must hide

it is not true

A. H / K. H-H (24th August 2019)

i may find a better title – at worst it seems some believing they know the products that suit them brutalise growth that does not fit what they’d manufacture, make it fit that framework — it may also be that a better poem would show a path to reconciliation, understanding and forgiveness better, and that that open acceptance need not lead to mutual worst fears, quite the opposite in fact but as Carl Rogers would argue a self actualisation that is necessarily social — but of course such freedom is what some may fear as an alternative model to how the world is bound


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