xxv (2020)

threads a mess
spindle unfurled
fatally out of control
we spool we spool we spool
like spooning ocean
out of a rowing boat

A. H/ K. H-H (15th June 2020)

xxiv (2020)

tried to live a shadowless life
– what a joke
had all the natural shadow
and when the shadowlessness was poked
atomic darkness exploded
cracked all the mirrors in the west
trapped shady exit
left to diffuse
he tried she tried he tried to suck it back
and in the end the light
will triumph over vapour

A. H / K. H-H (15th June 2020)


all the magpies were in pairs
nestled together in the cold
but when i looked i felt
nothing could be done for sorrow
and besides, looking back,
they weren’t magpies but puffins

A. H / K. H-H (15th June 2020)

another day on the rocks

trolls roll barrels
of Diogenic cynics
naked, pure, virgins
of the quarried world
the Trolldom can’t abide
must make collide
with the rocks at the bottom
of their 1 in 2 slope
gradiant of dissidence
in the Stone Kingdom

A. H / K. H-H (15th June 2020)

the quest for fusion

poem from a workshop in response to Moniza Alvi’s’ beautiful poem ‘How the World Split in Two’

xviii (2020)

a foot tap paralysis
inner ringer singing
ring a ring a rosies
driven like children
action begins
began, begun, stung
impossible, frozen
a demon theme builds
unknown not quite
tardive dyskinetic
unsung bottled up
by wizard listeners
who shake
sparkling drinkers
to build pressure
the foot tap increases
until, until you just listen
to tickling breezes
paralysis released
you hiss to a whistle
aswim in the wind
unspilling physics
into songs like this

A.H / K.H-H (25&26th May 2020)

xvii (2020)

driven foot tap in paralysis
you burst to talk yet can’t
all the helpers come in
on the wrong page
some determined
to shut you up

A. H / K. H-H (26th May 2020)

spotlit poems . . . daymare / daydream


world is ever as it was will be
world was ever as it will be is
world will be ever as it was is

world will be ever as it is was
world was ever as it is will be
world is ever as it will be was


yet still we hope . . . dream

as it ever was . . . ages countless kisses deep
as it ever is . . . new peak of three year olds’ dreams
at it ever will be . . . drinking tears

one day we will be free
free to let ourselves to be
understand wrong is close
still free dream
whoever you may be


K. H-H / A. H (27th September & 19th October 2019)

Spotlit poem . . . IV (’19)

coasted rolls turned rollercoasted
all those moles hammer broken
every day’s hall distortion
carni-valed incarnation
waltzered crowds press you on
every ride undodgemable
try them all find your fit
unique you think – become a myth
coasted rolls turn roller coasted
life’s freak show tracks
force these tricks
take your place, bearded lady,
got the horror?
ghost train to another town

A. H / K. H-H (18 February 2019)

Poems published by Poetry Express from Survivors’ Poetry

I’ve had two poems published by Survivors’ Poetry in Poetry express #60 here in the UK. They are the poem below, lightning strike sanities from the stratosphere, first published here in mid January and also Medicine’s Mask previously unpublished. My thanks to Dave Russell and Survivors’ Poetry for this acceptance and encouragement.

read on here . . .

spotlit poem . . . inquisitor

an ice dragon’s breath first freezes
then warms you, play thing,
grants you the freedom of his pen
invisible wherein he’s placed you
illusion of a life
slowly, from the edges,
his freeze-cold artistry creeps in
frosting this illusion
creeping to your heart
to show everything’s already lost
and everything you’ve found is taken
all your warmth denied
discounted in his polar certainties
one of those who claim to know of worlds
biased by his scaly skin
ice breath armoured with a fire
lord protector of the fearful innocent

A. H / K. H-H (4 February 2019)


a handful of likes
a follower

AKH (10th April 2020)

spotlight on . . . author credit

cracked stick figures
summoned hence
to dance
to sing
on lips
your own
life’s breath

A. H / K. H-H (18 Jan – 23 July 2017)

an older poem, from before blogging, at the moment in the draft of a staff of asklepios I may try pairing it with a poem on the blog with some similar themes, wind carried words


for many years
i was unable even to try
to write a cv
as this task made me so sad

i don’t think such feelings are uncommon

read on . . .

ii (2020)

humbled in soul break
pray, pray now
as i should anyway
first in thanks for life
any wordless poetry
granted there, anon.
moments’ blessings
living well
in harmony
an orchard to tend,
apples come
when seasons bring them

A. H / K. H-H (6th March 2020)

read the whole post for some introduction

i (2020)

silent sounding
conversations of the eyes
move my heart
beyond words

a. h / k. h-h (5th March 2020)

an eyelashed silhouette sits

an eyelashed silhouette sits
in a ward window
close comforter
not mirror
nor shadow

in a ward window
my eyelashed silhouette
sits showing
a gentle figure
awaiting colour

Spotlight on . . . Rebecca

(after Alfred Hitchcock’s film)

Lost at sea

The Wars of the Narratives
bidding for control
with disinformation of the heart

Reality subtracted from reality
leaves what?

An empty tennis court?

And perhaps we tell our tales with bias
the good, the bad, the melodramatic

But how the heart has found its task
when truly made to work —
to love, to act in love

at the rock face, information’s motherlode,
free to be
constructive not constructed

A. H / K. H-H (30th October 2018)

my goodness, 200 poems and i manage to spotlight the same one i started with last november again (broken). I am not obsessed with it. Really. I think.

So, another. This one inspired by seeing Hitchcock’s film, chosen now as it’s about people living with the broken.

one magpie

two for joy

one this morning
before another clear
from hidden

so, one or two?

so very human
joy present
quite unknown

A. H / K. H-H (25th January 2020)

stomach bug blues

stomach bug blues
i made it to the water’s edge
greeted by these hues
the pictures didn’t get it
the odd pane of crystal glass
totally smooth
perfectly clear
every so many waves
right to my feet

even before I went there
it was like the sun was new

A. H / K. H-H (15th & 16th January 2020)

what you need to know today . . .

is that i wonder
how anyone could know what i need to know
why they would tell me like that, in a headline,
whether there is anything they’d like me to think
whether they just want me to accept they know best
if the momentum of The Reformation is being reversed
whether (some of) the media wish to be priests
and why it is that i am being polite

A. H/ K. H-H (16th January 2020)

lightning strike sanities from the stratosphere

storm broken mission Prometheus
out of touch
alien alienated alien prey
world seller fallen to earth
strike lit conductor

“trans is a punishment” Pedro Almodovar
“how old are you now anyway” Jack White
“do not choose a coward’s explanation” Leonard Cohen
“I listen to Sarah Vaughan” Bob Dylan

struck such to tunes reliable
whilst science denies its poles have switched
horizons fallen weather broken

there is more
truth hurts
it cannot be

‘suck the air from its bubble’

‘re-spin the threads
from as high as we reach
into the roots of the sky’

A. H / K. H-H (13/14th January 2020)

great pottery thrown down

so cry with the eyes for the spirit
that shapes with the hands
makes from the clay
what may be

A. H / K. H-H (13th January 2020)

Spotlight On . . . xii (’19)

as time slips i sip the hours
suntime nonsense flower
dreamer amidst woody bowers
weekend woman springing out
feeling her breathy path by breeze
toward sun stance
hip swung nonchalance
among happiness in bluebells


i, not quite, of the bluebells
increasingly away with the flowers
giddy, sing-song, gone wrong
gossamer rhyme blossom
coming alive

not so much singer as song
not so much goer as gone

cowslip, daff
meadow sweet

flowering at last
a rose, as if

(A. H / K. H-H, 1st April 2019)

(with some debt to Alice Oswald’s ‘Poem’)

how much status

is bought at the cost of demoting others
standing on their shoulders
making them drown
proving to yourself and others your value
having to maintain the lower status of other castes
throwing out dissent to your selfish mission
entrapping them in many nets
the labyrinth in which you hide
at your core your own emptiness

A. H/ K. H-H (9th January 2020)

medicine dance ii

though maybe as they whirl
world mad, dizzy,
partner to themselves
outcast of the shindig

they get a sense that’s true
alone with alone
a spot that steadies them in turn
invisible to the world

A. H / K. H-H (3rd January 2020)