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I was going back through my last year of posts and got to this:

poetics (again)

I still agree, and may have been taking for granted, but it seems obvious, but important to add – maybe this is where ‘all the best words words in the best order’ (Coleridge) come back in, in that that is the best possible path to the revelation, if we listen to what we hear very very carefully, which may sometimes mean sitting with it and distilling very carefully, which can be a bit scary when faced with the enormity you want to catch and maybe only comes with a bit of digestion, recollected in tranquility (as for Wordsworth). Maybe that and the immediate revelation are two different poetrys. Maybe this is how to move a bit between the two — and maybe some personal circumstances render that more doable now, for now. Knowing to its best.

A. H / K. H-H (7th February 2020)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, source: Wikimedia Commons, Peter Vandyke (Public domain)

William Wordsworth at 28 by William Shuter2

William Wordsworth at 28 by William Shuter, source Wikimedia Commons (public Domain)

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  1. Toni says:

    do we take less care of precision in the same way now? as we have so many other modes, other schools and examples that take us to places? I don’t know – I still wonder if i might find second poem to the best words in the best order, which i wonder if could do as well? I don’t know, I see it and I still wonder and assert being true and something showing through that is still right, though maybe not the very best words (and how many such poems does any poet find?)


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