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it’s coming up towards 2 years since I started blogging i commented today on ‘observations’ (original post) being my most liked post, with 19 i think i’ve not fretted too much over numbers, its just been a nice thing to do — and has led to me writing more (a good thing) i did some…

Poetics (again) – Again

I was going back through my last year of posts and got to this:

poetics (again)

I still agree, and may have been taking for granted, but it seems obvious, but important to add – maybe this is where ‘all the best words in the best order’ come back in, in that that is the best possible path to the revelation, if we listen to what we hear very very carefully, which may sometimes mean sitting with it and distilling very carefully, which can be a bit scary when faced with the enormity you want to catch and maybe only comes with a bit of digestion, recollected in tranquility. Maybe that and the immediate revelation are two different poetrys. Maybe this is how to move a bit between the two — and maybe some personal circumstances render that more doable now, for now. Knowing to its best.

A. H / K. H-H (7th February 2020)

thinking about being an emerging poet in middle age

There was a famous observation I read somewhere (through a third person’s writing) that a poet is more like the captain in a painting of a ship than the actual captain of the ship. I’ve not found it in a quick google search, it may have been Emerson, I remember it as an American nineteenth century writer but can’t even remember where I read this now in recent years. But it may have been a painter or a philosopher as I think now that the comparison may have been to philosophers as sea captains, doing the bigger real task and the poet being in their small part in the painting.
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it is a false power that requires the destruction or inhibition of your power?

but that is the reality of power

and some may inhibit themselves when they see it

perhaps this explains free will – and I’d have to think and study if it relates at all to Old Nick and his hell

is it that we are allowed hell, in this sense, as removed from the divine, if we insist – we certainly do seem to insist a lot

natural growth

i’m reading a Selected Poems of Zbigniew Herbert

he has a poem ‘Sister’ that speaks of becoming her, and also another switch of identity later

now, i’m not even looking at this in any trans point of view either, just a child’s exploration – an understanding Gran in some way too is mentioned

But, what it made me think, from this, then at a huge tangent that grows and melds into many others —

thoughts in the process of watching Killing Eve

i was thinking about Killing Eve – and wondering about kindness in it, its often not there yet in a way its central in its absence

her old boss, of the Berlin nightclub scene, there was kindness there (not in that scene), and as something they (Eve and he) could play against at times


nobody ever
gets me maybe because i
don’t get them at all
and this not true not true not
whatever please breakthrough please
let’s get together
set love free

Poetics (again)

you know all that ‘poetry is all the right words, just the right words, in the right order’ stuff well, who would argue with that? but, i was thinking – partly as i’ve been reading Rumi, and partly from my own, very occasional experience — and hey, maybe this defines my limits thus far as…

Untitled XIV (’19)

i spoke of love

my friend asked me what it was

its taken me a lifetime to find my reply
or have the wit to say it

to say no answer could ever be enough
to say no words could catch it

to say my answer must be to try to feel it
and in feeling show it

A. H / K. H-H (7th April 2019)

Untitled XIII (’19)

its not that a fake paradise is based on a lie
its the paradise/s it denies

K. H-H / A. H (6th April 2019)


do we create ourselves a problem if we make the lyrical problematic? even if doing so reflects what’s already problematic? like denying yourself a good hot bath? or even, perhaps, a dream of paradise?

fools hold certain facts

fools hold certain facts
beyond thought’s border rampage
afraid they need power

darkness’s friends waiting still
they know their dream real

thought’s dragon fire so strange
needs strangers beyond its breath
ridden broken enveloped

who the tamer
who the tamed

A. H / K. H-H (30/11/17 – 1/12/17)