despite the season’s darkness

today the sea is blue
the sky’s gates lie open onto heaven
Angels are amongst us
riding horses in the waves
dancing with every grain of sand

A. H (15th December 2020)

How to Drop Honey in China

alien un-Sealed bleak January sands
easterly grey on grey wet rainless cold
new year presents more new life on toast
battleship snaps delete old selfie reaching
for unbecomeable femininity’s
full set pearl – hairdo smiled a poor sub-set
of vectors towards her gentle dimension

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One Saturday

a matter of life and death
beach clear, duned
sky drift cloud blue
first warmth of sun
works strange deposits
whale shit soft stone
sandy meander alone

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earlier this month, a glimpse    

Busy summer sunday quiet beach walk

An old gentleman I said hello to on my way saw me on the turn back, I think I remember he said he was eighty-nine. We watched the planes landing behind the beach. He told me a long time ago they had motor races on the hard sand. I proved to myself horses do fly,…