damsel (new poem)

a double tap triple tragedy on repeat
dance peasant dance to the bullets at your feet
el diablo plays the world of men
laughing from the clouds the day you face him
dreams ridden true for your contempt
he’s mixed-up sex, power, gender, sin
now fetch his feast, my pleasant wench

A. H (1st February 2021)


world is ever as it was will be
world was ever as it will be is
world will be ever as it was is

world will be ever as it is was
world was ever as it is will be
world is ever as it will be was

A. H/ K. H-H (27th September 2019)


one day stupid enough to believe
in the hate others batted about
immune to what they really meant
in a quest to get what’s worse but social

continued here

girlhood, closet

like a criminal
having to hide all traces
clues that you’re just you

accident (revised)

wrapped in net curtains the playful balcony twirler of open windows yearns girldom this the closest he’ll get on his twenty-seventh floor frightened would be bride of free flight shroud restricted gauze encased what if? what if? he insists so his strange mock sister tipped this rehearsal dream of embrace into freedom’s fall insisting her…


at the open windows playful balcony edge my twenty-seventh floor wrapped in net curtains frightened would be bride of flight restricted gauze encased mocking strange sister tipped to embrace freedom’s free-fall world rush through transparent mantle lit windows watch my drop through all the flaws struggling to free face scream veils away just in time…