Spotlit poem . . . IV (’19)

coasted rolls turned rollercoasted
all those moles hammer broken
every day’s hall distortion
carni-valed incarnation
waltzered crowds press you on
every ride undodgemable
try them all find your fit
unique you think – become a myth
coasted rolls turn roller coasted
life’s freak show tracks
force these tricks
take your place, bearded lady,
got the horror?
ghost train to another town

A. H / K. H-H (18 February 2019)

The Natural Word

from my (hopefully) forthcoming collection a staff of asklepios: The Natural Word Frosted orange eyeshadow with copper underwing, tonight perhaps? Fritillaries of maiden hair, the very latest thing. Golden brown hairstreak with ringlets shower down. Large blue eyes lined smokey. Lips luscious, peach blossom blush. Buff arches in high heels. Everything so right, she uses the…