xi (2020) (reblogged poem)

Originally posted on a blind catch in the sun:
some tide has moved the season of a heartgrafted growth saps rose to rootscut back unseasoned years all winter harshdead wood now sparks greenbut must proceed with cautionto bud the rose anew againsuddenly all of a floribundapink and white, bothdreamtide high in blossom fullness A. H/…


thorn bush needle tree bare
air spiked striker at the year
dying back head deaded pruned
your sap gathers toward growth
a summation of all your points
all it’s left to you to be
delicate, silk petal fragrant flesh
concentrate of beauty’s hope
the natural conclusion
to your briar scratch upon the world

A. H / K. H-H (20th July 2020)

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some tide has moved the season of a heart