Stream Song (v. ii)

a weeping heart sinks toward water
in low levelling finds her kin
a stream she dreams sat by singing
rill harmonies of tears gush seaward
from all her dripping siblings, trampled

A. H / K.H-H (17th April & 29th June 2019)

knot iii

so often i make
light difficult to follow
shelters, diversions
choices hidden, forgotten,

yet light remains to follow

am i really tied at all

A. H / K. H-H (1 November 2018)

accident (revised)

wrapped in net curtains the playful balcony twirler of open windows yearns girldom this the closest he’ll get on his twenty-seventh floor frightened would be bride of free flight shroud restricted gauze encased what if? what if? he insists so his strange mock sister tipped this rehearsal dream of embrace into freedom’s fall insisting her…

knot ii (a)

yearning a blurred girliness
indistinct unknown
beyond reach
found skipping by bullies, teased
disciplined to silence
a whisper at sea
lost on the wind
world blown skin
dullard of gentleness
locked deep within
sealed to begin

A. H. / K. H-H (12 June 2018)
(more poetic maybe)