Night Beat

00:08, late
an owl calls out across this place
silence eats electric hum
beating time’s fleshy rhythm
00:20, no
21, my day
is done

A. H / K. H-H (20th March 2019)


a seagull throne
or just another bench
where river meets sea
momentarily Sumerian, maybe,
a bird guard flanks
watches, close with me,
clean privilege,
calm in wake of poetry,
I dream this way,
noting only slowly
it’s their bench,
they all are really,
they’re behaving
in my lack of lunch,
no, turn again, dream,
assume no airs
enshrine instead

A, H / K. H-H (10 June 2018)

The Natural Word

from my (hopefully) forthcoming collection a staff of asklepios: The Natural Word Frosted orange eyeshadow with copper underwing, tonight perhaps? Fritillaries of maiden hair, the very latest thing. Golden brown hairstreak with ringlets shower down. Large blue eyes lined smokey. Lips luscious, peach blossom blush. Buff arches in high heels. Everything so right, she uses the…