Tree Tops

tonight i watched some tree tops stir in the breeze
watched them closely, began to see, again
their vulnerability, reaching out
their grab at air, protected from below
by the present branches of survival
but there up top small, exposed, reaching
as their closest relatives just below
empathise as the wind blows, encourage
go, go, go

A. H / K H-H (14th June 2019)

A Bead in the Bowl of a Sea’s Horizons

suddenly the sea has sunk beneath me
stomach dropped an open water rower’s ease
no land in sight adrift no freedom
in directionless dreams’ free heading
in weathering those perfect storms
the circumference has swollen to tsunami
gravitating back to envelopment
the sea as promised may feast on beads
that plead a strange perfect geometry
the sea to be left calm rippleless sated

A. H / K. H-H (1st January 2019)


condemned as joyless ignorant of love
knife twisted in a false heart of matters
a civil execution deletes wisdom’s hope
— heaven —  when just as you depart
their hellish ends start to be uncovered

A. Hurford / K. H-H (12th July 2018)