the wave thinks of becoming itself in the swell
but looks at the moon, big as a pill, forgets

a piano pupil sits at the keys, statuesque
instants pass to settle, just moments ago, fluent

everything seems settled,
smother of self into a pillow of chemicals

AKH (10th April 2020) & edit 11/4/20


I have a line
in an unfinished poem
‘therapy gave me back as someone else’

I lie here tonight
thinking of my puppet days
‘not someone, some-thing else’

‘some-thing somewhere else’
chemhazed dazed more primitive
to prove their unwarranted hypothesis

that got me into this
dare I get out and see this plainly
the ways they’ve had me profane me

K. H-H / A. H (30th October 2019)