True Words – prose

an experience judged as abnormal when as a poet friend reflected to me it may not be so unusual at all . . .

kindling (v2) – haiku

is all reading love
all writing too – search for it –
now my heart’s alight

A. H (7th May 2020 & 29th April 2021)

little man (new poem)

asked to forgive what you didn’t understand
no one does no one gets it
the black land of grief . . .

a deep warm burnt orange (poem)

the smell of baking bread in a loved one’s farmhouse kitchen
welcome – rich – holding promise
perhaps a rusk as when we’re small
it sounds a silent gong like the sun at dawn
watches patient – speaks in light
it will always be
waiting to be found

A. H (20th February 2021)

for another

my heart is locked
by such a combination
until you dial it true

A. H / K. H-H (6th July 2020)

prayer iii

i don’t wish to trump your love of anything with mine
to give a false security, pseudo-ownership

i only wish to celebrate my own divine
and open heart spaces in which we all may shine

AKH (7th April 2020)

i (2020)

silent sounding
conversations of the eyes
move my heart
beyond words

a. h / k. h-h (5th March 2020)

natural growth

i’m reading a Selected Poems of Zbigniew Herbert

he has a poem ‘Sister’ that speaks of becoming her, and also another switch of identity later

now, i’m not even looking at this in any trans point of view either, just a child’s exploration – an understanding Gran in some way too is mentioned

But, what it made me think, from this, then at a huge tangent that grows and melds into many others —

my love poem (i)

my love is best when it is simple
especially when not trying to be what it has misunderstood
it is best remembered when i am simple
it is unequivocally true when it is shown
love may be complex
but when i’m complex i may lose track of it
as i follow all those things that seem to want me to
i find it best when i am simple
and simply accept

A. H / K. H-H (1st-7th December 2019), with love in sorrow, joy still is

short love poem

I doubt you can uncross a crucefix
this doubt grounded in love
even if you could insist
love is

A. H / K. H-H (7th December 2019)


tyranny breeds where it cannot be
as its legions freeze stuck in some dream

freedom breathes wherever it deems
the breath of a smile in love’s eye gleam

A. H / K. H-H (23rd November 2019)

for us all

xxvii (’19)

all this time stealing poetry from myself
because because debt’s interest makes sense
all those fields’ haydreams ever unrolled
butterfly butterfly meadowsweet blown
all those souls loved-so love could not be
wallflower wallflower now you may breathe

A. H / K. H-H (17th November 2019)

VII (’19)

it’s obvious that i must turn to love
which brings a question — where to go
which brings a question in itself
solution sighted – on we go!


there must be an angel sitting near
holding dear all that we are letting go
careless carriers of our load

A. H / K. H-H (18th March 2019)

Hate Screams

suddenly I see
how hate screams
to make itself real
firm its sinking sand
the place its found
to stand some ground
challenge imagined

deception on the path
diversion from the path
of love

keep moving

A. H / K. H-H (22nd August 2019)

XXI (’19)

how may i dare – apostateconfused into hatehate so sure of courseof its hold on love love so hard to holdnot bankable goldbreathy currencydistilled always now if not there is a chancesomeone will spring your trapthorny deadwood cutting deepharsh as empty tongues and only love’s deep long sleepwill show you how to dream awaythis barred…


lifeline in a stormy sea
still hope from all you’ve been
may be

clung to, never never let this go
pull on though all you feel
is tow

finding then as you’re pulled on
faith in the current in which
you’re gone

as faith dawns straightaway strong
find yourself drowning
in the sea of song

hope, faith, love
mighty three
hold weeping laughing
on love’s high sea

A. H / K. H-H (29th April 2019)

Untitled XIV (’19)

i spoke of love

my friend asked me what it was

its taken me a lifetime to find my reply
or have the wit to say it

to say no answer could ever be enough
to say no words could catch it

to say my answer must be to try to feel it
and in feeling show it

A. H / K. H-H (7th April 2019)

Untitled X (’19)

is it true?
can it still be?
love’s highest denial
always in its own name

A. H / K. H-H (21st March 2019)


the comprehension of love
lies not in knowing it, saying it,
being able to explain it
but in feeling it
nothing need be said
necessarily giving it

Prayer ii

sometimes its like the light is speaking
though let’s be cautious of that
not words, nor even suggestions
playing in the water shower’s head
something confirming
read more here


Make of yourself a light                                                          – Buddha i’ve always loved to watch the light although darkness claims my shame it is to light that I have turned…