how the wind may seem to bend a flower to the lake

twin vectors of self
diverge yet peep inside
to track each other’s paths
almost like lovers’ glances
unable to depart
sparks arise
trajectories collapse
they reunite
escape prevented
tied in a knot
of binary velocity

A.H (ironically just one set of initials, 18th October 2021)


we take our readings of the world
to navigate
but the sea-lanes are defined
the oceans known

we take our readings of the world
to know what we’re allowed
the fields, the lakes, the countryside
are largely enclosed

A.H / K. H-H (11th May 2020)

lie tired

where do they come from
these rules that hide the sun

with promises they bind you
run true their maze rat run

. . .

Cairn, 2019: burnt

i have not listened to the soil’s breathy gossip
since the oven crusted me

i have not had the field’s weeds’ wonder still me
since . . .

continued here

An Edge

i’ve stepped into air
eventually had to had to
around an edge as theorised
for real to find there –
on the other side –

Continued here

gone wrong

all wrong
all gone wrong
all gone

being ill

is just being alive, magnified the way a torturer makes it hurt or the way you wake, peaceful, fever gone, to clean sun light oh how it may go on, chronic, your life through its lens lostness more lost, strangeness stranged familiar, a moment’s reprieve, heavenly, nectar to drink, think on, distil , bid grow…

power grab

by the powers that be because if they don’t they won’t be A. H / K. H-H (25 October 2018)

the door to all beginnings?

at an edge of language the end of its path a flat earth fall off into black i reach out, desperate for a hand to grasp pull me close, embrace let me bury my face in a soft scented neck no, not at this edge not yet, not ever gasping thread airs learning the light…


Make of yourself a light                                                          – Buddha i’ve always loved to watch the light although darkness claims my shame it is to light that I have turned…

August air freshens

August air freshens
reminding me where i am
new – this same old turn

A. H / K. H-H (22 August 2018)

accident (revised)

wrapped in net curtains the playful balcony twirler of open windows yearns girldom this the closest he’ll get on his twenty-seventh floor frightened would be bride of free flight shroud restricted gauze encased what if? what if? he insists so his strange mock sister tipped this rehearsal dream of embrace into freedom’s fall insisting her…


condemned as joyless ignorant of love
knife twisted in a false heart of matters
a civil execution deletes wisdom’s hope
— heaven —  when just as you depart
their hellish ends start to be uncovered

A. Hurford / K. H-H (12th July 2018)

modern minutes

modern minutes tick
The Great Classification
light’s spell spilt sea missed

A.H / K. H-H (21 June 2018)

writing of the past

writing of the past
neither prophecy nor cure
fault then repeated
grief given crocodile hues
there is nothing i can do

A. H / K.H 11 June 2018


as dawn falls golden
past bronze to lead remember
all sunlight’s broken

(c) A. H / K. H-H (19th May 2018)