My Film Review of The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) is posted at Lapidus International blog

Lapidus International have kindly posted my brief review of this wonderful film about poets and getting lost in the world (much more could be said, but best is to just watch it). I’m grateful to them (especially Francesca Baker and Richard Axtell).

Lapidus International blog – The Kindergarten Teacher (2018), film review

toni (31st January 2020)


They made me do trapeze because of my prehensile feet, even though I was scared of height, still am, for all the hanging I did by one foot from a rope catching nubile acrobats — always afraid and afraid in my fear and confusion, rebellion, I’d drop someone — I knew I must not, as…


  could remember how to do the Rubik’s cube they have, but maybe now forget could turn the golf club head, draw a shot that long lost ached to try music but were never tested never opportune they surprise me now though I’ve not quite got that rhythm yet The Gift To Be Simple when…