a deep warm burnt orange (poem)

the smell of baking bread in a loved one’s farmhouse kitchen
welcome – rich – holding promise
perhaps a rusk as when we’re small
it sounds a silent gong like the sun at dawn
watches patient – speaks in light
it will always be
waiting to be found

A. H (20th February 2021)


tyranny breeds where it cannot be
as its legions freeze stuck in some dream

freedom breathes wherever it deems
the breath of a smile in love’s eye gleam

A. H / K. H-H (23rd November 2019)

for us all


yet still we hope . . . dream

as it ever was . . . ages countless kisses deep
as it ever is . . . new peak of three year olds’ dreams
at it ever will be . . . drinking tears

one day we will be free
free to let ourselves to be
understand wrong is close
still free dream
whoever you may be


K. H-H / A. H (19th October 2019)

VII (’19)

it’s obvious that i must turn to love
which brings a question — where to go
which brings a question in itself
solution sighted – on we go!


there must be an angel sitting near
holding dear all that we are letting go
careless carriers of our load

A. H / K. H-H (18th March 2019)

One Saturday

a matter of life and death
beach clear, duned
sky drift cloud blue
first warmth of sun
works strange deposits
whale shit soft stone
sandy meander alone

continued here

heart deep hope

leaf-light slumbers deep down
sleep deep and dreamy beating
life back parasympathetically
at harsh lit days
glimmer nest treasure light
what life may be
before it had been

(c) A. Hurford / K. H-H (28 November 2018)

one day they may tax waking

one day they may tax waking
from dreams they’ve already stolen

tolls only hide
cannot threaten

A. H / K. H-H (16th August 2018)

Locke (2013)

Locke w. & d. Steven Knight, 2013 BEWARE SPOILERS! I found this a very moving film. Of course it does move, or what passes for that these days, in that it is the story of a drive and a driver, Ivan Locke played by Tom Hardy. We see no other actors and only really see…

the presence of birds

the presence of birds,
Crow, Magpie, Thrush, Robin, sings
beyond the spoken

(c) A.H / K. H-H (24th May 2018) (photo too)


today’s clarity
that life raft swum for, clung to,
barely seaworthy

(c) A. H / K. H-H (22 May 2018)

searching certainty

searching certainty
in what’s done, blind to the rest
we may yet become

A.H. / K.H-H. (19/5/18)

true understanding

true understanding
unlocks all gates to my well
heartfelt compassion

A. H / K. H-H (8 May 2018)

In Process

hear this lament
femininity found
must keen a death

and yet, and yet,
and yet,
it is not death
and he’s in her heart
beats in her chest
one soul,

a full palette
found in

beautiful morning

© A. H / K. H-H (2018)