Spotlight on . . . Rebecca

(after Alfred Hitchcock’s film)

Lost at sea

The Wars of the Narratives
bidding for control
with disinformation of the heart

Reality subtracted from reality
leaves what?

An empty tennis court?

And perhaps we tell our tales with bias
the good, the bad, the melodramatic

But how the heart has found its task
when truly made to work —
to love, to act in love

at the rock face, information’s motherlode,
free to be
constructive not constructed

A. H / K. H-H (30th October 2018)

my goodness, 200 poems and i manage to spotlight the same one i started with last november again (broken). I am not obsessed with it. Really. I think.

So, another. This one inspired by seeing Hitchcock’s film, chosen now as it’s about people living with the broken.

The Lady Vanishes (1938)

The Lady Vanishes d. Alfred Hitchcock (1938) I’ve been impressed by Hitchcock’ lightness of touch in my stodgy reactions so far. He spoke of serving a slice of cake rather than a slice of life, and if it is cake then I am finding it most light, possibly angelic, but as we know “every angel…

Hitchcock – Sabotage (1936)

Sabotage directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1936 The second in this season of Hitchcock films I’m seeing. This film is based on the novel The Secret Agent by Jospeh Conrad (somewhat confusingly the film he made right before this one and after last week’s film was called Secret Agent and had nothing to do with Conrad –…

Hitchcock – The 39 Steps (1935)

directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1935(beware spoilers below) I must have seen this film many times over the years, but was fortunate to see it for the first time on a big screen recently. How that has awoken me to it. I really get it now. I’m thinking of it as a bubbling brook, maybe in…