little man (new poem)

asked to forgive what you didn’t understand
no one does no one gets it
the black land of grief . . .

my student rag – Haiku

slowly i’ve discovered
it’s dangerous to read History
conflicts hide so much

A. H / K. H-H (18th April 2020)

gone wrong

all wrong
all gone wrong
all gone


condemned as joyless ignorant of love
knife twisted in a false heart of matters
a civil execution deletes wisdom’s hope
— heaven —  when just as you depart
their hellish ends start to be uncovered

A. Hurford / K. H-H (12th July 2018)

writing of the past

writing of the past
neither prophecy nor cure
fault then repeated
grief given crocodile hues
there is nothing i can do

A. H / K.H 11 June 2018