ii 2022 (new haiku)

Copperfield’s sun shines
giving all he needs and’s not got
an adult tongue’s ear

A.H (7th February 2022)


after seeing The Colour of Pomegranates

pomegranate blood
transfuses soul without speech
bird song sown to flight

A. H / K. H-H (16th April 2020)


(after seeing Late Spring)

empty shots move me
vase, trees, tea, hint at the whole
he knows, apple peeled

© A. H(2016)


(after the films)

some unholy myth of achievement
rat champion of every maze
we wish you well in your bereavement
reborn we know our loss of face

continued here . . .


50’s dream girl, poodle skirt, suspenders. Thrown, stockinged feet pass face, shoes a memory left long in the thrill of his hold, she’s gone soft in his arms, necklace almost lost, skirt whispers over silken skin, heart, body and soul, swish. This is the thrill, this, is the thrill, of it all. If he’d just…