medicine dance ii

though maybe as they whirl
world mad, dizzy,
partner to themselves
outcast of the shindig

they get a sense that’s true
alone with alone
a spot that steadies them in turn
invisible to the world

A. H / K. H-H (3rd January 2020)

a medicine dance

one way to provoke a superficial mad mimesis
– tell a person their deepest sense is nonsense
that despite degree and school they must be taught
how to think

send them on this unpleasant cruise
medicine blurring self, a smudge,
advise against spiritual succour
what priests misunderstand
watch them, lost, burst to return

so frantic, violent to their own
insides to break back out,

in rare light glimpses
all past practise,
their very sense, of dance

A. H/ K. H-H (3rd January 2020)


50’s dream girl, poodle skirt, suspenders. Thrown, stockinged feet pass face, shoes a memory left long in the thrill of his hold, she’s gone soft in his arms, necklace almost lost, skirt whispers over silken skin, heart, body and soul, swish. This is the thrill, this, is the thrill, of it all. If he’d just…