After Reading The Song of Songs

for my real imagined other Theirs the earth, the world, mountain, moon. Theirs not this earth, married in the sun. They are whole, whole, holy. Let us dream their path, poetry. Where now is she, where he. Where are we. What do we have. Squabbling city guards silence, always. Playing games, skimming loads, naming to…

Prayer, 19 December 2018

grant me or may i grant myself
respite in a moment
and in that moment’s play
come toward knowing
some in all
enough so that i may give it freely
a special sort of key
that doesn’t have to open
any claim at all

a smile without a reason
scent of roses in the street
shine on a muddy puddle
kindness in an argument
faith when faced with hardness
those green eyes once encountered
the smell of a day as it is born