Laniakea (v3 rewritten poem)

eight thousand galaxies mapped
to find our place in you
immeasurable heaven

omething just not possible to grasp
each mega-bit a nanobyte
speechless at the scale of it

branched, the veins of a leaf
this milky massif a speck
on a tip, one percent of one percent

One hundred and six thousand light years
to cross in your five hundred million
a local spill of milk

our grand four hundred billion stars
just one of one hundred billion
and more such clusters

so what of one small star
our multitude of minute lives
their immensity

A. H (30th July and 1st December 2021)

Astronomers Successfully Map 8,000 Galaxies and Make an Incredible Discovery — Curiosmos

Still want to work on it – especially as I’m not managing to be speechless which irritates me a bit

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