— the narratives of life
with which the dead can’t live

A. H (10th July 2021)

edit – when i thought of this this afternoon I was thinking socially and politically not so much psychologically. It may of course have a bearing psychologically, though as a person who themself has repressed a lot I am sure I’d want to be kinder probably to those who feel they must. That in itself may then beg a question of being kinder socially and politically, except that repressors so often seem not to be (maybe that is so psychologically as well) — but kindness is king, for me, well along with love and other good stuff.

I may have to write a sequel about all this. Here’s to freedom and mutual love and respect, not least for ourselves.


Maybe that is what repression is, fundamentally unkind — which must have a toll in more than one direction.

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