another tack


Last month started as an experiment in reposting some of my poems daily, not just one a week spotlighted. I enjoyed it, great fun. There are plenty more. I have made a few private but still about 280 originals back through the blog. But I’ve tired of it a bit. I may post them occasionally again and if, as with that last two last week, I am prompted to rewrite any at all..

I’ve not been writing as much, poetry at least, though got two at a workshop today. One I’m scheduling for Thursday, I think, a day people seem to stop at my blog more. Though I need to think a bit more as to whether to save it to send it somewhere first. The other I want to consider that way as well, and also as it is personal in a new way, I want to think about whether I want to share it at all.

But I do hope to keep posting new poems regularly, if maybe not daily as I was trying last year. I suppose it is all finding my way to the way I want to blog. I’ve only been doing it three years – only now I realise the anniversary was in April some time – I’ve enjoyed it.

I am hoping to work on my final manuscript for the book in the coming days. In a way I’d started to see the poems here as the start of a second book. Now I have to decide about whether to fit some of the best into my first book as I rejig it. It’s a strange feeling as I had demarked them so clearly in my mind and had not written to A Staff of Asklepios’ structure as such, with a view to fitting them in. I’m not sure how it will look with the best added to it and maybe some of its weaker poems subtracted – a very different version it’ll make of it. Though I do see a need to whittle to my best. I don’t have space on my floor so I suspect I’m going to white-tac them to the walls whilst I think about it.


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