a blind catch in the sun

a figure awaiting her own sculptress
to deliver her from stone retreat
knows a dream – sun marbled skin uncovered
ease of limbs free to be observed
simply present, still, in every moment
truth ringing through her pose

A. H / K.H-H (7th November 2019)

Instead of just gushing, as sometimes I do (for good and bad reasons), I picked a theme and tried to write seriously, an ear to metre and coherence.

I learned this year that Martin Luther described Grace as “the experience of being delivered from experience”. It’s one of the reasons I wrote this.

edit 9/11/19 – it just occurred to me that such grace is what I was seeing in Hitchcock’s presentation of Hannay in The 39 Steps in my reviews and comparison of it to Sabotage (where I say more of it in comparison to a lack of it)

oh to activate…

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