New Year review


Hello and a happy western New Year to all. I’ve not got much to say – as we all know let us hope 2021 is happy and healthy. Though there is much else to be concerned about in this crazy world anyway, that is so often ignored.

2020 did bring me the most blogging I’ve done, easily my most views what with posting daily for quite some time, though it has been more hit and miss towards the end of the year. It was good to get my 199th and 200th follower on New Year’s Day, thank you and welcome aboard both.

I do plan to continue. At present I have no poems to post. Well, there are some I’ve never shared and some I do hold back now as I write, as posting on here makes them ineligible to send out to so many places, which I do a little more than I did. I may experiment when I have some with just one or two posted a week and maybe that will also encourage some of my other posts. I’m making myself think I should try and sit down and write a bit today, so we shall see. Without decrying all the good ways to become a good blogger and successful, maybe I will just be a bit of a relaxed blogger.

I wish you all, us all, a happy and healthy New Year.


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