poem published in Caduceus magazine

My prose poem Clearing has been published in Caduceus magazine Issue 103 — info about the magazine which focuses on healing and spirituality can be found here – https://www.caduceus.info/.

My thanks to Kevin Manwaring their poetry editor for including me in a poetry section focusing on beginning again in this issue. It very much touches that for me, at the time it was written and curiously it is now published at exactly a time it is apt again. Thanks also to their editor Simon Best not least for keeping me updated about publication.

It’s a poem that will go into my debut collection A Staff of Asklepios which is forthcoming with Survivors’ Press. I’ll hold it a while longer before publishing it here. You can read a little more about the book, including now some links to poems on these pages that will be included, here – https://ablindcatchinthesun.com/staff-of-asklepios-poetry-collection/ . I’m not giving up my own staff for the Caduceus, each is their own and may be related. I was fascinated to learn a little of Polyvagal theory and ideas that such symbols may relate to that nerve.

I should get back to posting here regularly later in September.


Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

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