I was going along nicely, a poem a day for more than a month. Then I had a bit of a shock. I also wrote some prose. And since then the poems don’t seem any good at all. I wrote a few and I’m not seeing much in them to want to share. I’m not panicked about it, it is what it is. I have loads of other writing to do, and must. Today I began to feel a bit closer to poetry.

So the learning about blogging continues. I think I can start to share a few poems again after my week off. I’ll start with a spotlit poem. But i think I will schedule them at three or four per week – this will help what I have go further than the week in advance I got to as a maximum. That also gave a false sense of being on top and I think meant I didn’t post anything else. This way there are gaps that can be filled with new poems or other thoughts and those reviews I keep talking about.

But maybe I’m mainly talking to myself anyway.

I still have a sense posting poems here may affect my poetry process – that it means mostly these poems are not my very best, and in fact may dilute me for when I try to write at my best. So, again a learning process – I am trying to focus on quality, not just accept what I first get. People do write a poem a day and maintain quality, I think.


Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

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