Just as I started to feel a lot freer with creativity it has been hampered by some ill health and medication. I feel flatter and tend to quickly dismiss ideas as unimportant. And ideas don’t seem as immediately available. This has happened to me before, quite a long time ago.

On the other hand I’ve done so much, I am hoping to think back through themes and poems and consider them again – definitely from the point of view of tranquility — but surely for important issues I will still have ideas, and maybe deep feelings I’d like to address, we shall see. I fear the loss of lightning flash revelation. Though that too may be double edged.

Coincidentally I’m joining a creativity workshop online today for the first time. And maybe due to this I had two vivid dreams last night, in one of which a voice told me something of how I must write now. I have no idea yet what it means, and am unsure of how much to share it, but just think on it as I explore these changes.

I may add some book reviews and more on film & tv (I prefer to say appreciation). I am learning to play piano and also make some attempts to learn Ancient Greek (at the very beginning of that last when I remember). Progress on piano is slow, from almost no music background, it is two years since I started and level 1 nowhere in view yet. Some record of progress might be nice.


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