blog review/plan

as i explained last week i’m reviewing my blogging in a bid to allow more to see my work as for some reason, no matter the quality of the post, views tail off between 10 and 20 for each post

this week i’ve been blogging regularly in the morning, but I’ll switch for a while next week to another time, later in my day (let’s say 4.20pm BST)

i’m experimenting with daily posts for a month – and challenging myself to work on quality of each poem (and post) — so i don’t think I can post a poem every day, not just yet

so, i will also start adding some more reviews of films, tv and sometimes maybe theatre on Fridays

i also want to blog about things i am thinking about and/or learning on Wednesdays

as to poems i hope they are my staple — on sundays i’ll aim to publish a formal poem of some form

on mondays i’ll repost a poem to spotlight past work, maybe at other times too as needed

to kick things off i’ll review the blog a little more in the next few days – i’ll be amending the ‘about’ page and also need to amend the page about my ever forthcoming book to explain a little about it, as what is there says almost nothing and some are interested

i want to be guided by enthusiasm for what i write about, not make this a chore, it may mean some gaps sometimes

i’ll review and no doubt experiment more


edit 28/4/20 – after all that I decided not to fix the days I will write of other things, but will just broaden the blog more, I think.

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