site review – request for feedback

It’s coming up to two years since I started blogging regularly, so I am in a bit of a reviewing frame of mind. I’ve tinkered with the blog a bit, tidied up backstage. I hope you like the change of theme too.

I notice blogs of about the same age with thousands of followers, so I also have that in mind. Not to claim numbers but just so as to reach people with my work more, my hits level off after about ten usually and usually not more than twenty, so, I think I’m doing something wrong – it effects work I see as good and which may get 100% of likes from those that do see it.

I’m hoping my settings changes have not hurt the site, but its hard to get clear on that. I’m simplifying those things and following some other tips and learning.


I know this is recommended to build viewing numbers, and I have been especially bad at it.

I think I have several audiences. I fell into blogging when I had some free time at a difficult time and I literally posted upon writing. In fact that’s still quite usual for me. I wrote some of the earliest stuff straight into WordPress, no paper drafts (how I usually work), sometimes still I do that if an idea catches me. It means I have audiences in several segments of the day according to when I’ve posted in this freewheeling way – thank you to my south and east asian viewers (and east and south african). I’m mindful of you as I’m about to introduce a schedule.

I did try earlier this week posting for three days at 7.20am BST. In fact I have seven or eight posts this week and could have done this daily, but I posted a second time some days. Until I have this schedule smoothly running I won’t do that again. Or will try not to for once. I think I’ll find that hard, I like to share them when very fresh and you may have noticed I may still be editing (not orthodoxly how to do it). It may be part of the flavour of the site that I don’t want to lose.

Feedback / comments needed

It occurs to me as I write that I’m just foisting the 7.20m BST thing on you all. I’d run a poll, but I’m not sure how many people will really care – but if you do care then please leave me a comment with a two hour window (and timezone) you’d like to run across my posts best at. I’ve been amazed to have attracted so much interest from such wonderful places. If it’s clear my late night posts are most popular I’ll bear that in mind.

This is all a work in progress, as I’m sure other bloggers appreciate. The last time I spoke of scheduling it-never-happened. But this isn’t just a bit of stir craziness.

Thanks for all your support in the last two years. So many familiar likers and blogs too. I think I’m not as good at inviting comment and interacting as I might be and will try to say a bit more. Just another person trying.

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