the wave thinks of becoming itself in the swell
but looks at the moon, big as a pill, forgets

a piano pupil sits at the keys, statuesque
instants pass to settle, just moments ago, fluent

everything seems settled,
smother of self into a pillow of chemicals

AKH (10th April 2020) & edit 11/4/20

not sure of the title of this, in a way too I’d like it to be more striking with images as i like the moon image — but it’s as the poem suggests and as thing have been for a month or more – there may be fewer poems and they may be changed, certainly the waves for less, for now, I hope


edit 11/4/20
– end of 2nd line from ‘moment gone’ to ‘forgets’
– 4th line ‘a moment ago’ to ‘just moments ago’
– 6h line ‘into a chemical pillow’ to ‘into a pillow of chemicals’

– have never edited so much of an original, I think I like this better

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