be calmed

a trawler cut stillness
bisected mouth river calm
silent sleekness
shushed noise like snow
in a serene Selenic blanket

the non-witch watched moonlit
from a haven once devil craft wound
by a priest’s words so long ago
now trans, would witch-hood be suspected
by many, and many not

coming here like a bewitchment
fleeing The Holy Mountain for life
hooked by a moon driven east-easterly into,
to childhood eyes’ cream of the watch
only later a thought to dark vulnerabilities

the trawler cut stillness
under a stark moon’s revelation
and she sat, ignoring the call
to walk to the lighthouse (locked)
toward her father, whispers her heart

this not the first time
she has felt this wish
to come, sit, to go there
an expectation she’d round
it’s base and find him

echo twist perhaps
on childhood games
walking the pier, threeish,
he hip replaced
learning to walk again

always at heart

none of this more
than what it is
it is

A. H / K. H-H (26th March 2020)

i’m trying to make a drawing for what i post – it may help me not post so promptly but think a bit. on the other hand i know they are limited, it’s not a claim to artistry – but having changed the site a bit, it may look smoother and seem professional it is a nod back to that wabi sabi feel i like — but for some i may need to thank patience (maybe not those engaged with their own practise/s)

this image i think i will draw and redraw, so you may get an improvement, the scale seems worse in the photo – but i’ve not drawn since childhood, i like starting to learn . . .

becalmed i
a 2nd attempt, prefer the scale, not a trawler in sight, for ‘artistic’ reasons of course

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