sometimes i feel i've the depth of a screen
and the best it gets is a script with depth
or an actor who's learnt what background means
something i wonder if i've done myself

mixed in a crowd on its narrative tracks
passing me by with their shows in their eyes
our dialogues only mining the seams
of what things mean to us all already

K. H / A. H (20th March 2020)( slight edit 21st)

not so sure of this after the first two lines, it increasingly goes away from where I was that got them, so i reserve the right to reconsider and redo or reuse — maybe it’s as it seems to go way from my own stuckness and limitation and gets stuck, diverts me from getting beyond this . . . and of course ways of doing this especially off limits at the mo, except saying such things which may bring some contact, and eyes that disprove screen theory are out there . . . and findable here . . .

edit – removed ‘persona’ from the title, unnecessary.

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