blog thoughts

it’s coming up towards 2 years since I started blogging

i commented today on ‘observations’ (original post) being my most liked post, with 19 i think

i’ve not fretted too much over numbers, its just been a nice thing to do — and has led to me writing more (a good thing)

i did some training recently on the non tech side of blogging as I’m volunteering to help a project with a blog. Someone commented on perhaps letting a blog go if it only gets 3 or 4 likes per post – and in a way I’m only just above that, average likes being 7

so it has made me wonder

i’ve usually had a really high likes to views ratio — so in a way it may be i need to work harder on views — and in some ways I have cut my nose off to spite my face, as I have usually not added a graphic, i’m still coming to terms with tags and categories, i am rubbish a posting on a schedule, and in a way i’ve aimed for this amateur style of mine — -plus writing about trans issues may bias some away (i guess) — but it does leave me thinking i keep playing in the shallows and never try the sea

so I will review a bit — I think some people blog a poem multiple times, sometimes my spotlight has led to that once, and the likes are split. i may need to spend some time with reading on method – I can be very bad at editing tags after publishing which seems to impact views. i may also try a more regular schedule, but that’s a bit like listing books to read, it never works out that way . . . mostly, for me.

and maybe i’m thinking aloud – hope that’s not too dull — but i can see some that have followed me quite a bit and regularly and i thank you for that (and for your own blogs), that is part of the very good thing it is for me do this and why, whatever, i’ll keep going and evolve slowly, thank you 🙂


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