types of poetry
is that idea insanity?
does a net catch breath?

A.H / K.H (4th March 2020)

Thinking and reading in some downtime. I sometimes like to think I’m a generalist as a poet, not excluding any style, but wanting to speak from and to heart.

But then also think of forms and types and how I fail at them, but how the certainties some have with them may exclude as well as include. I suppose what I am after is a sort of Catholicism, overall but not in each poem.

But then the problem of types speaks to my interest in ontology and Peter Kingsley’s work and pre socratics and others since, and an interest in underlying oneness. And then with poems, knowing them if it tends to threaten the top of my head as Emily Dickinson put it, or my sense of something, electric. It’s there if you feel it, or someone does.

So embrace types toni, do, but with these provisos that you still feel it, and get with staying with breath. Haiku being a lovely experience with that, but what’s caught beyond any rule, it may be respected within them but not forced.

It does make me think how important it is to choose words carefully. Some lucid meeting good, free. But also in a type a need to aim high with great care, lucid but wholly listening to all somehow and respectful in all directions, or as many as can be, but clear in itself.


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