To a Younger Me


You’d really be surprised
yet not,
I know you’re here, now
more recent days perhaps a shock
what was impossible takes off
not the dress sense, make up, all
but that your full force is diverted
and you bother
to try to carry your unbearable dishonour
just as you turn and know
the twists, turns, medicines, crimes
knots deniably authored
to thread you through your darkest shadow
prettier sitting down every peg
still full force but tending to a source
home bound blown far, wide,
gone, gone, gone to another shore,
utterly gone to another shore,
ahh . . .

K. H-H / A. H (30th September, 7th & 29th October 2019)

another poem from that course – I found myself ending with the mantra from the close of The Heart Sutra, I’ve changed it a little from ‘the other shore’ to ‘another’ s I don’t think transition is entirely the same as that great work, but those words just came to that point.

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  1. _Occultatum_ says:

    This is beautiful. I myself started a blog where I post poetries. Would love for you to visit šŸŒ¹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Toni says:

      thank you, i did so šŸ™‚


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