Oil and gas
rule the world
a bloodline whisper bleeds,
ancient conspiracy of trees,
our carbon must be freed.

Reptile blood interest
wakes with warmth,
watches, working us
they, silent, see:
stared toward their dream,

K. H-H / A. H (2016/2017?)

One of my most clearly political poems, maybe but not party political, but proudly ecological which has a politics. Before this period was dubbed Anthropocene I think Homozoic was floated – it is a gift, an age of man and ever the same.

Some think this poem unfinished and unclear, maybe it is. So much more could be said – and must be said. Thinking now maybe the logic of the first verse could be clearer, but that it isn’t gives different possibilities, maybe. Its just how i heard it.

Think of chameleon eyes, darting, going in different directions. For me this poem says what it needs to — and overall I’d prefer to leave ‘working us . . . ‘ unpunctuated, but no one seems to understand unless it is.

Its due to be included in my first collection – provided it gets by editing and should that ever happen. Coincidentally – I’ve realised my first year of poems here are nearly a second book (tentatively titled Dagian) — and in my no books published yetness, am thinking of publishing three pamphlet selections from the two, in limited edition in hopes the ball will roll. Any interest? (and I’m talking like 50 copies each so I have something for readings mainly, not a capitalist marketing ploy.)


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