a treatment of irony

imagine this
something you know that occurred
though you, who were never prone to be too sure,
may be flexible on the detail, some may be wrong

but then you tell someone of this
and they cannot believe it
and you cannot prove it

but imagine they then tell you you must be wrong
that this cannot ever have been
why it is a symptom, delusion

and the irony is,
they, who can only doubt
your lack of proof
may act with certainty in their lack of proof

medicate you away from yourself
from clarity as to your truth
this one of many ironies
over the years

the next comes in how your behaviour
may come to be criticised
as the consequences of being distant from light
show themselves day to day

not to mention how your trust in others
has been challenged
especially in some who claim to help

and all of it
must never be said
anywhere else

and at every opportunity
they encourage doubt
as it is you
that said you were sure

A. H / K. H-H (28th July 2019)

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