Stream Song (v. ii)

Photo by Trace Hudson on

a weeping heart sinks toward water
in low levelling finds her kin
a stream she dreams sat by singing
rill harmonies of tears gush seaward
from all her dripping siblings, trampled

A. H / K.H-H (17th April & 29th June 2019)

another revision – someone (important) fed back the original was more of an observation than a poem, maybe it still is. have you ever felt tears and been pulled toward water, i had, but i think i had forgotten, the feeling of it, the now-livedness. i think i remember a childhood story of a sad person lost in a well or a river when they had that feeling, or maybe that was one of my imaginings. maybe a warning.

it fits with my poem A Sea, not published here yet, a sort of water cycle of the heart, spirit. did you know that that saying from Ecclesiastes, “vanity of vanities, all is vanity” may be translated “vapour of vapours, all is vapour”.

i like this photo in this context for its scale of sadness, a suggestion, the truth far more


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