A Polluted Rock Pool Elegy

looned low tided de-prided
reprogrammed nudge unit’d
entirely deniably
whats disguised as help these days
closed doored hidden agenda’d
complaint paranoid illegitimate
victim perfecthood decade fallen
vulnerable nudge labelled state
eared poison fork tongues hide sun
borne down on with medicine
littorals burnt your rock pool ecology
a great desertification
dare we say a type of armageddon
life left rational wastelanded
apparently harmless
ache-tided empty
they’d Canute this beach
momentarily for a life’s span
the way this of modern hands
diversity treated contemptuously
shouldn’t have dared to grow
alone author unauthorised
shores unmanufactured
danger to ears honed
in their way worlded
to mirror ears out there
other beach manufacturers
same purposed world builders
as our lords landable
this strange coastal punishment
not quite sterile
random noon eyed unforgiveness
grammar pilloried taxonomically
looned low tided de-prided
re-programmed nudge unit’d
entirely deniably
sometimes stumbling accidentally
on strange rock pool elegies
mutating pollutedly
beneath slick therapy
the way all matters do
sunward incessantly

K. H-H / A. H (16h June 2019)

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