thinking about poetics, again


after some feedback from a very valued reader, mentor, i’m thinking again how sometimes my poems may not be specific enough to show what they are about — clear to me and my generalist ways, it my help them hit home — and this last year, in a way, i have been letting myself just write, express, not have to hone (at times) but get something out

there are some that are clearer

but in a way they’ve also come from a place reaching for clarity, out of confusion and difficulty often

now in a way i feel a sense of such clarity, like the seed in a pearl and how it is needed, that grain of dirt in a raindrop (do i remember that right, or is it what a snowflake gathers itself and then spreads its skirt about? — there you go my non specific memory)

i’d thought of putting a poll up to see what any readers think, am i specific enough or not – but no, not a poll, no – but posting this, interested in any comments, if you have any

Toni 🙂

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