Poetics (again)

you know all that ‘poetry is all the right words, just the right words, in the right order’ stuff

well, who would argue with that?

but, i was thinking – partly as i’ve been reading Rumi, and partly from my own, very occasional experience — and hey, maybe this defines my limits thus far as a poet — but i was thinking how sometimes if in touch with, whatever, how then the words come . . .

and then, hey, it is less like the words are sacrosanct on a word for word basis, and as a whole, but more like they are just an honest reflection of the experience/insight whatever they come from — there is something egalitarian in that

and maybe, maybe thinking this helps avoid a sort of mistaken worship of words — a bit like how you’re not supposed to pray to angels?

and there is angelic poetry, and there is my own, and there is what it is all about, which we are all in relationship to

and which might be lost, to some extent, if my focus is just words

and if i can listen to this at my best, true, honest to it, then maybe, sometimes a step towards the angelic . . .

K. H -H / A. H (11th May 2019)

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